Jump-Start Your Year: 60-Day Weight-loss Challenge

Whoa.. 60 days? Umm whatever happened to a 21-day or 30-day fix?

Well, my goal with this challenge is to have us (yes I will be participating in the challenge as well) make changes that will have a lasting effect. A 21 or 30-day challenge is a great jumpstart but it’s easy to fall off the wagon on the 22nd or 31st day and spiral right back into old habits. because I want to help you and me both stay consistent. We all get the New Year motivation and last maybe a couple of weeks and then fall back into old habits. Consistency is the key to losing the weight and keeping it off. Developing new healthy habits to replace the old ones is the main goal of the challenge.

*Note* Please, PLEASE, PUH-LEEEEASE read EVERYTHING. I know this is lengthy, but trust me, so many of your questions will be answered below. If you have any questions or concerns that weren’t addressed, comment on the post below.

Yes, this is a weight-loss challenge but ultimately it’s about jump-starting a healthier lifestyle and developing tools to keep you consistent. With that being said, I don’t want anyone going to extreme measures to lose the weight just to win. Also, before beginning any new regime it’s best to consult with your primary care physician to make sure you are okay to do so, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

I know there are a lot of people who want to live a healthier lifestyle but don’t always have the support system or guidance to do so. So, I created this challenge for myself and you.

The challenge will go from January 15 until March 16, sixty total days.

What’s Included?

  • Bi-weekly weigh-ins (I don’t want you to be a slave to the scale)
  • Weekly fitness challenge to add to your individual workouts (totally optional)
  • Accountability and motivation from other participants
  • Ability to link with other group members for group workouts

What’s Not Included?

  • Meal plans (there are so many great free and paid resources for this on the interwebs)
  • Workout plans (same as before)
  • Personal training (at least not from me, I’ve been asked to train people and that’s just not something I do)

So What Do We Win?

There will be four prizes given.

The first three prizes will be for the winners of the challenge. First place will win 50% of the pot, second place will win 30%, and third place will receive 20%. So if 100 people join the challenge and the pot is $500, the prize totals will be $250, $150, and $100 respectively. The fourth prize will come from my own pocket and will be an “honorable mention” prize of some sort for a member who showed that they worked REALLY hard, gave encouragement and support to others, and overall made great lifestyle changes. I haven’t decided what it will be but it will probably be a fitness-themed goodie bag or gift card of some sort.

*Disclaimer* I am not profiting from this challenge. I am not pocketing this cash. The $5 entry fee covers the cash prizes of the winners. I will, however, have the same opportunity as any other participant to win. The more participants, the bigger the pot.

How Will You Determine The Winners?

There will be all different body types and sizes to enter this challenge. To make it fair, winners will be determined by their percentage of weight loss as opposed to the total number of pounds lost. Person A who is 300lbs and loses 25lbs is not the same as Person B who is 170 losing 25lbs. Person B lost 14.7% of their body weight while Person A lost 8.3%.

In the event of a tie (Person A & B both lost 14.7% of their weight), the winning percentage will be adjusted to account for that.

EVERYTHING for this challenge requires Facebook. It’s just less of a headache and will keep everything, and everyone, together. If you do not have a Facebook page, there is no way to participate in this challenge. All weigh-ins, weekly challenges, group discussions, and resources will be posted there. Again, if you don’t have a Facebook page there’s no way to participate.

Instructions to join:

  1. Navigate to the PayPal pool page here
  2. Click the “Chip In” button and proceed to make the $5 payment.
  3. Be sure to NOT do it anonymously (use whatever your Facebook name is to pay)
  4. Once you have submitted your payment, request access to the facebook group here.
  5. You will be approved once I confirm receipt of your entry fee.

Registration will be open from today until January 14th.

Official group rules and schedules will be posted in the official Facebook group.

Good luck!

January 10, 2018

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