SnapBack Update – Month 1

I have to do a better job of posting my fitness journey on this here blog. I think I neglect it on here because I have my fitness page on Instagram that I post to. And since I’ve been on this SnapBack journey, I thought I’d update after this past month went by.


Recently, I posted about loving myself through every change that my body goes through and that included the 30lbs that I had gained since February. I set out to stop sulking about my weight gain, get out of the funk I was in, and do something about it. I just completed my third round of Whole30 (read about my first one here) and I’m posting an update here to keep me accountable.

I told yall my SnapBack was loading and it was going to be LIT. The good thing about my body is that once I get back into my routine of clean-eating and consistently working out, the pounds drop and my shape that I love so much returns.

Goals for the next month:

I’m sticking to a mostly-Paleo diet, for real this time. Lol. I say mostly because restricting myself completely is what leads to my binging. I’ll allow myself the occasional cheat meal (because cheat days are a setup and setback) and won’t limit myself when eating out, at a special event, or traveling. I don’t have a timeline for this, I just want to feel and look better–consistently. As I hit major milestones and accomplishments (or setbacks too) I’ll be sure to update here too!

I’ve also reactivated my ClassPass membership. If you’re unfamiliar with it it’s basically a site/app that lets you try out various fitness classes at different studios and gyms in your area. If you’re interested in trying them out, get $40 off your first month by joining here. It’s a good way to experience a wide-range of classes and gyms without paying a heavy price.


I need it. You need it. We all need it. I’m working on snapping back physically AS WELL AS mentally. In order for this SnapBack to TRULY be lit, I need to be whole.. mind, body, and spirit. I’m focused on being more mindful of how I’m feeling and not allowing my emotions to become too much too often.

So if you ever feel the need to check me, do so. If you see me eating like shit, ask me if I really need it lol If I’m not speaking positively on seem defeated, talk me up! The days of me being afraid to ask for help (most of the time) are over.

Help me, help me! Lol And of course, I’ll do the same for you. If you need accountability in any area, let me know.

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