Writing 1000 Words A Day Is Hard AF

I mean, I knew that going into this challenge. 1000 words is a whole lot. And yet, I was WILDLY optimistic and excited going into this. I want to become a better writer, find ‘my voice’, and actually enjoy my work more than I critique it.

One of the best ways to get better at anything really is to just.. do it. I just knew I was going to come out with enough blog posts to get me through the year. I even thought I’d have a chapter or two of my book done with direction on how I want to proceed with it. 


This shit is hard. I have ALLLL the writing prompts, all the topics, and even an accountability group chat. (Shoutout to Melanie, Ashley, and Yetti) All of those things are great to have, but they don’t make the words flow freely. Even with 1001 thoughts in my head at any given point in time, when I sit down to write sometimes it’s like “uh..”

What I’m Learning

I produce some of my best writing when I’m inspired and not when I’m forcing myself to write for the sake of writing. The words flow freely from my hand when something has moved me to want to want to place the thoughts somewhere other than my head. t I need to find the happy medium between not forcing it but also pushing myself to get my thoughts down on paper [or google doc.]

But, until then, I’ll begrudgingly continue on with this challenge.

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