30 Things I'm Going to Do Before 30


Four years ago I created a “25 Things to do By 25” list. This comprised of 25 things I wanted to accomplish by the age of 25. I completed 15 of these before 25, a few I completed after, and the rest I either no longer cared to accomplish or they just fell off the radar. After turning 27, I decided to get back at it and start another list for 30.

I’ll update this post when I complete each goal (if I remember lol)

Start: May 1, 2019

30th Birthday: April 15, 2022

Mental Health

  • Host Black Girls Healing retreat

  • Go a whole month without social media

  • Attend a mental health conference

  • Record a video journal entry everyday for a month


  • Get a tattoo of a sunflower

  • Sing in public

  • Complete 30 random acts of kindness

  • Own a pair of Louboutin’s

  • Have another boudoir shoot done


  • Complete 200 Spin classes

  • Learn how to do a cartwheel OR hold a handstand

  • Complete three unassisted pull-ups in a row

  • Drink only water for 30 days


  • Apply to grad school

  • Read 15 books

  • Take a cooking class


  • Go canyon swinging or bungee jumping

  • Visit 3 new countries

  • Visit the Blacksonian (do NOT judge me for living in the DMV and not having seen it yet)

  • Take a Getaway House staycation (solo or coupled)

  • Visit a winery

  • Visit 3 states I’ve never been to

  • Visit a nude beach

  • Take a scenic road-trip


  • Leave a 100% tip

  • Pay off my current consumer debt

  • Complete a no-spend month

  • Acquire at least $10,000 in savings

  • Donate at least $1,000 in book scholarships

  • Start investing

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