7 Things I Love About Myself


In an effort to be a little more kind to myself, I started drafting a list of things I loved the most about myself. It’s VERY easy for me to find myself criticizing every little thing that I hate. So here’s to giving myself praise for the lovely things about my me.

My lips

They’re full, luscious, and sexy as hell. I’d need ten hands to be able to count how many times I was teased about them growing up. From being called DSLs (which as a grown ass woman I don’t understand how this became a thing because any lip size can perform fellatio, and do it well) to soup coolers, I didn’t always feel so great about them. But they’re the sexiest part of me and I celebrate them.

My lone dimple

It shows it’s beautiful self loudly and proudly. And while it doesn’t have an identical twin to shine alongside it, every now and again it’s distant cousin on the other side comes out to play... slightly.

My shape

No matter how much I struggle with my weight. Whether it’s up or down, my curves can’t be denied. They’re beautiful, they’re there, and though I don’t always appreciate it my shape shows consistently shows up and shows out.

My wit

I’m a funny smartass. At least I think I’m funny. Some would agree it’s more smartass than humor but eh, it matters what I think about myself most, right?

My heart

It’s big. It’s loving. Even when it’s causing me some deep as emotions, it’s one of the best parts of me. And it figuratively and quite literally keeps me living.

My ass

It’s nice af. It has a mind of it’s own. One day it’s hidden and discreet, the next it seems to have a mind of it’s own and wants the world to know that it aint going nowhere. In all of it’s dimply and marked-up glory. Thanks to weight training and spin, it’s quite the work of art.

My laugh

It’s loud, it’s obnoxious, and I snort. But most importantly, it’s infectious. There’s no way you can hear my laugh and not at least slightly giggle along with me.

Inquiring minds wanna know, what are some things you like about yourself? Let me know.

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