Affirmations to Get Through The Day

Walking back from the fireworks display yesterday I walked past who I am assuming to be father and son. They were sitting in the grass facing each other, the father embracing his son. The little boy, about 7 or 8, was visibly upset and crying. The dad said “no, come on, say it with me ‘I will make it through this day.’ That’s right, come on, say it” the little boy then tearfully repeats him and says “I will make it through this day.”

This ten-second interaction really stuck with me. I kept thinking about it in the car ride back so I began to write this post in my Notes app on my phone. I think it really stuck with me because it prompted three thoughts.

Sometimes I’m the dad.

Actually a lot of times I’m the dad. For myself and for others. Reminding us all that no matter how we may be filling in that moment, we have to find some hope to actually believe we’ll make it through. Sometimes all we can do in situations like that to console our loved ones is to simply remind them that it will be okay. No, they may not believe you in that moment, you may not even believe it yourself. But saying it and repeating it makes a bit of a difference.

But most times, I’m the kid. 

Needing to hear those words, repeat them to myself. Think about and repeat to myself the affirmations said to me. Trying to find the slightest bit of hope to know that whatever it is isn’t great enough to cause me to not get through the day. I don’t know what had that boy upset. Maybe it was the noise of the fireworks, maybe it was a bad day. Whatever it was, big or small, was enough to have him crying and upset, unsure if he really could make it through.

Hope for my children. 

Or “maybe, might actually, could possibly be my future children” rather. At this present moment in time I still don’t desire to have children but if this ever changes, I would hope that I can instill those kinds of communication skills in them early on because I wish they were instilled in me. I wish I was taught early on that it’s okay to admit and show that I wasn’t okay. It’s okay to say, through tears and doubt, that I actually will get through it. I hope that they would feel okay coming to me and verbalizing that they are upset and hopefully, why they’re upset. Even if I’m the reason.

Affirmations to Make It Through The Day

I have the ability to face any adversity that is thrown my way today.

A bad day does not equate to a bad life.

I have the power to turn my day around.

I am grateful for all of the good days I’ve experienced and the good days to come.

The possibilities for today are endless.

I choose to think positively despite how I may feel.

I am grateful for my life’s challenges for helping me grow and become who I am.

I choose to let go of the bad and move forward with the good.

I am able to persevere and triumph through any struggle.

I release all negative thoughts and feelings.

I will get through this day.

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