You Don't Need a Gym: 5 Alternative Ways to Get a Good Workout


With the new year right around the corner, many will be flocking to the gym to work on their New Year’s resolution to lose weight. But by February, maybe even the end of January, many will have fallen off and will wait until Spring to get right for the Summer. Since starting my fitness journey back in 2012 I’ve been asked so many times how I got started (I blogged about that here) and how I maintain the weight loss. One of my biggest pet peeves when attempting to help someone start their fitness journey is being met with MANY excuses. The top ones being “I can’t afford a gym membership”, “I don’t have time to go to the gym”, “There’s not a gym close to me”.. and so on and so forth. Well here are five alternative ways to get a good workout WITHOUT going to the gym!

Go Outside.

I know it’s currently winter in most parts of the country so this applies (mainly) to the warmer months. There are so many ways to get an effective workout outdoors. Head to your local track and GO! Do sprints, power walk, run, hit the bleachers. The possibilities are endless when on the track. Use your national parks and landmarks (the hike up Stone Mountain was no joke, if I lived close I’d be there three times a week). There are also parks and playgrounds with exercise equipment there for a GREAT full body workout. Get out there and do the work.

Make use of free workout videos.

Two of my favorite sources for effective workouts are Fitness Blender and Instagram. Fitness Blender is ran by a couple who posts PLENTY of free workouts where you can browse by certain body focuses, time limits, or series. Instagram is great for searching hashtags of certain exercises and seeing videos of the routines. There are lots of trainers who post free content on there, it’s an endless pool of exercises.

Invest in your own equipment.

Body weight is perfectly fine if you want a good workout but sometimes you might want an extra push. You don’t need a full range of weights or fancy machines to get that extra push either. All of my equipment (floor ladder, ankle/hand weights, weighted jump ropes, weighted hula hoop, resistance bands, kettlebells, and hand weights) has been purchased from Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls, and Amazon for cheap.

Be active throughout your day.

This might be the easiest one. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do squats after every bathroom break. Take the scenic route walk to the break room. Stand for a few minutes throughout the day while working. Little changes to get you moving throughout the day go a long way overtime.  

Take a drop in class.

Drop ins are great because it gives you access to fitness classes without the commitment of a gym membership. Depending on where you live, drop ins can range from $5 to $20  per class and require no monthly fee. This gives you the option to change up your workouts and try something new like Spin Class, Zumba, Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Yoga, and more!

Now rid yourself of the excuses and let’s get these results!

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