How I Went From Having A Major Attitude To Expressing Gratitude


During my commute home yesterday I found myself deep in thought about a few different things. These thoughts turned into me internally complaining and expressing frustration. I also had little baby elephants doing jumping jacks in my uterus that added to me not feeling the best as well.

By the time I reached my home stop I felt a full blown attitude brewing. My negative thoughts were interrupted by a phone call from a friend and then I was off to spin class. I was excited about going to class after a week off but once class was over and I stopped by the store, the thoughts had return and this time I couldn’t shake them. I had a HUGE attitude.

So, instead of sinking further into them I headed home, determined to shake how I was feeling.

  1. I ran a candlelit shower with Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils with W.A.Y.S. playing in the background.

  2. After my shower, I lit another candle (they’re pretty much everywhere in my home), got out my journal out and wrote down all of the thoughts that were frustrating me.

  3. I then turned on a meditation playlist and began to meditate. I let each and every thought that was causing my attitude to float around as I focused on my breathing and the smell of the candle.

  4. Once I finished meditating, I went back to that same page where I wrote the thoughts that were crowding my mind and wrote statements of gratitude to counteract those thoughts that were causing me some frustration.

During my meditation, I could physically feel the attitude leaving my mind. Crazy, right? It took me some time and effort to get into meditating. I still can’t do it for very long, which I know will take time and practice. I was both amazed and shocked at how quickly I felt calm and at peace once I was done.

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Ashleigh O.