Black Girl Magic Wellness Retreat


Some time ago I posted this picture to my Instagram stories:


I received SO many responses to this post that I went ahead and started planning this event. There's a popular quote that's very fitting for this, "if there's something that you want that's not out there, create it." So I'm doing just that.Now, I know there are plenty of retreats and sister circles out there but sometimes these things aren't accessible to everyone. Whether it's location, cost, demographics, etc etc. I want this to be affordable, fun, and most of all healing to all those who attend. This won't profit me in any way financially and I want this to be more of a glorified sleep-over than formal retreat.I don't want to make this something only I have input in, I want to hear from YOU. Please only respond if you're

  1. Serious about coming.

  2. Plan to come with an open heart and mind.

  3. Agree to make and keep it a safe space for all who attend.

  4. Are willing to fund yourself. (I not anyone who joins in on the planning will profit from this financially in any way)

If that's you, please fill out the form below! Can't wait to start planning.

*If you're currently on mobile and can't see the full survey, click here to access the form.*