Reflecting on 3 Years Of Blogging


When I first started my blog, I had no idea what would come of it. I didn’t know the impact it would have on the people in my life and total strangers alike. It’s definitely taken more work to maintain than I expected, but I’m grateful for my blogging journeigh thus far.

With recently revamping my blog and transitioning to Squarespace from Wordpress I had to go through and edit every post. Every. Single. Post. Over 80 of them in order to reformat. I didn’t change any of the major content, well, except for one piece, but just the look and feel to make sure it gelled with my new template.

While going through these posts I couldn’t help but reflect on my almost three years of blogging. How it’s changed, how I’ve changed, and noticing my differing writing styles depending on the topic of the post. Here are a few reflections I had while transitioning:

Blogging takes so much work.

If you’re really passionate about it, it’s not just a “post and go” situation like I originally though. It’s a “draft-maybe kinda edit-ooh wait forget this-okay it’s ready-post-promote-notice typos after promotion-change formatting-obsess over it” Type deal.

It can be nerve-wracking.

I share some personal shit with y’all and I’m constantly reminding myself why.. but it’s hard sometimes and my nerves get the best of me.

It’s one of my many purposes in life.

Not going to lie, the impact I’ve had surprised tf out of me. Little ole me and my thoughts helping people get through their shit. Saving and changing lives. No, really, actually SAVING lives. One reader told me that my transparency helped to save her life and I was just wrecked with gratitude.

I’m sometimes “terrible” at it.

I don’t always promote it as much as I should. I don’t use all the hashtags to make my content easily found. I don’t spend hours Pinning and worrying about SEO and I have inadequate proofreading practices. LOL For some die-hard bloggers, that’s like ALL the no-nos. But I’m not them and they aren’t me.

Let me Humble Brag Right Quick

  • My content has reached 119 countries.

  • I went viral twice with over 10,000 hits both times. One for a post about starting your weight-loss journey and another about my self-love journey that included pictures from my first boudoir shoot.

  • One of my IG followers “noticed me” in MAC

  • I’ve contributed to countless other blogs and was recently featured on one of my favorite fellow bloggers sites, YettiSays

Overall, it’s been a good ride and I can’t wait to see where My Happy Journeigh takes me next.

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How do you feel about the new look? Let me know below!