Why You Should Always Book Travel Insurance: How I Got Back Over $1,000 From A Missed Trip


The first time I ever bought travel insurance, I needed it.

Back in 2016, I was scheduled to go on a trip to Mexico. I had never before booked travel insurance but about two weeks before my trip I got a feeling that I should probably get some. The total cost of the trip, not including airfare, was around $1,100 and was non-refundable. I booked the trip more than six months in advance but my Grandmother was sick and not getting any better and the closer the trip got, the more I felt like I should get the insurance.

One week later, after purchasing insurance, my Grandmother passed.

I knew between grieving, traveling to Ohio from DC, and making arrangements, there was no way I was going to still go on the trip so I immediately reached out to the trip organizers and canceled. They quickly sent their condolences and reminded me that though they were sorry that I would not be able to join the trip, it was non-refundable and I would be not be receiving my money back. Had I not booked travel insurance one week prior, I would have been devastated because I would have been out of over a grand of my own money.

My next step was to call the airline and cancel my flight and explain the situation. Fortunately, even though I did not include my airfare into my insurance plan, I received a full refund of my flights (around $400) and was able to use that money to help make last-minute travel arrangements home.

Once I returned home and filed my insurance papers with all the supporting documentation, my claim was approved. I don’t remember the timing but I remember being surprised at how quickly everything happened and how fast I received my refund for the full amount of my trip. The total cost of the insurance was maybe an extra $40 that was well-spent.

I know more often than not booking insurance is just spending more money you don’t end up benefiting from, but when you do actually need it you’ll be glad you have it.

Reasons To Get Travel Insurance

  • Medical emergencies abroad where regular insurance won’t cover

  • Canceled/missing flights

  • Death of family members before/during trip

  • Pregnancy

  • Work obligations

  • Sickness before/during trip

  • Terrorism

  • Natural Disasters

  • Fraud/Scams

So the next time you book a trip, ESPECIALLY if it is non-refundable, spend the extra coin to protect yourself and book the travel insurance because you never know when you’ll actually need it.

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