Operation Escape Inaugural Weekend: Trip to Martinique


I’ve been slacking on my travel-related posts. Since travel is one of the main things I am consistently asked about I need to step it up. For those who don’t know I live in Maryland and work in downtown DC. Upon hearing that y’all's current president won, I knew I did not want to be in the city for inauguration weekend. I had to escape. I searched around for destinations I could go to or friends to visit and wasn’t really finding much. Great minds really do think alike because I saw more than a few posts of people wanting to get out of the city. One such thread included a post from a fellow traveler putting together a group trip to Martinique and the ticket was under $300 at the time. After a few weeks, plans were finalized and the trip was a go!

Where's Martinique?

Martinique is a Caribbean Island that belongs to France, think Puerto Rico and the US. Many people haven’t heard of it but it’s such a beautiful place and I definitely plan to visit again. Despite a hotel mishap and not-so-great room, I enjoyed my trip and group of people I went with.

During the Trip

On our first day before our tour of the island, there was a driver mishap at the airport so we wandered around the hotel grounds. We eventually found a small beach that was pretty much empty so we made it our own. The water was so clear and beautiful, I so wish we had the clear water of the Caribbean in our beaches.As do most of the world, the people of Martinique LOVE Obama, so much so that when he first became president they named a street after him. We ran across at least three different restaurants/bars with his name in the title. Also, completely unrelated, if you to go keep a few coins on you because most of the public restrooms required money to operate and clean.An interesting piece of Martinique history is the eruption of Mount Pelee 115 years ago. This eruption killed 30,000 people in twenty seconds. The lone survivor only made it out because he was in solitary confinement underground. (I guess crime sometimes does pay?). We got a chance to visit the Saint-Pierre ruins, specifically an old theater, which is what was left behind after the eruption.My favorite part of the trip was relaxing on the catamaran. I initially opted out of the excursion because I usually get motion sickness. But I decided to take the place of another group member. Being out on the water, laid out on the boat, was all the relaxation I needed. Especially after a long day of touring the island.

After the Trip

The flight back was hands down the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Upon initially landing the plane quickly accelerated and took off again. We were going higher and higher back into the air for what seemed like forever. Then the captain finally announced that there was a communication mishap and we would be landing again soon. The different reactions on and off the plane let me know that I wasn’t alone. Everyone else was just as scared and happy to be back safely. I’d be just fine if that never happens again.

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