You Won't Have Everyone's Support

For anyone with a business, brand, blog, or whatever. Everyone won't and does not have to support you.

Everyone is not going to be your target audience. This goes for best friends, close family members, associates, coworkers, etc etc.

Everyone will not need or buy your product. Not everyone will read or share your blog. Not everyone will support your brand.

Spend your energy delivering to those who do support you versus using your energy to speak out against those who don't.

Just my unsolicited piece of advice for the evening.

This was a lesson I had to learn when I first began blogging. Yes, it would be great if all your friends and family read and shared your work. Yep, it would be totally helpful if they bought your product or attended your event but the truth is they don’t have to. Mommy and Daddy may love you, but they may not necessarily care for “Who Wore What to the Oscars.” Similarly, your best friend may be the greatest but she may not care to attend your networking brunch. The quicker you realize this, the quicker you can save yourself from feeling hurt or unsupported.

I know sometimes it hurts...

I won't lie and say I never FSKW when a friend shares a similar blog post to mine, and I know for a fact they didn’t read mine.

Definitely, won’t lie and say it’s not one of my biggest pet peeves when someone asks me advice on something I’ve already written about and shared numerous times.

Whether you're currently inspired and putting out content left and right ooooor currently unmotivated, and for whatever reason holding back and at a standstill. Continue to walk in your purpose. You were given the gift and desire to create for a reason.

The world needs your song, your book, your painting, your poem, your photos, your blog, your story, your product.

You know who will continuously support you? Those people who need your posts. Or those who need to attend an event like yours. Or those who needs a product you’re offering.

Focus your energy and efforts on providing for and showing gratitude to those loyal to your brand. The ones who like and/or share every post, the first ones to purchase a ticket to your event, the ones who stock up on whatever you’re offering. As long as you put in the effort, remain consistent and genuine, the support will come.

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