It’s Time For A Facelift


Creating My Happy Journeigh has been one of my greatest accomplishments. Through it, I’ve been able to heal and help others heal. I’ve been able to change and even save lives just by sharing my stories, and I want to continue to be able to do so. Lately, maintaining MHJ has felt like a chore, and I don’t like chores. Whenever I feel like something is a chore, it’s no longer fun, and I no longer want to do it. I definitely don’t want that to be the case with this blog.

This is my safe space. My passion project. My baby. And I want to continue to publish.

So, this means My Happy Journeigh is getting a facelift! In the next couple of months (I say a couple of months because I'm lazy and it might take forever) I'll be making a few changes.

Platform Change

I’ll be switching from Wordpress(org) and Siteground to Squarespace. I was so anti-Squarespace when I first started blogging because I wanted more freedom and I didn’t want my blog to look exactly like everyone else’s. But now, I want simplicity and low maintenance. This requires A LOT of backend work and when the time comes to make the final changes, MHJ will be down - but only for a little while.


When I first started MHJ I blogged about three things, Mental Health, Fitness, and Travel. I quickly dropped travel from that list because although I enjoyed doing it, I didn't want to necessarily blog about it. Since starting MHJ two and a half years ago I've ventured more into the Lifestyle, all-encompassing, niche while still having a big focus on Health, both mental and physical.As you may have noticed, I’ve expanded to SEVERAL categories to reflect the “Lifestyle” portion of my blog. So with the new look comes more topics and categories so that I don't feel like certain things just don't belong on the blog. I've already started the process of updating and adding categories and they can be found on the homepage under “Categories.”

Overall Branding

While I don’t blog to make money .. yet .. I want to fine tune my “branding” for consistency. This means an updated logo (yes, for the second time), new signature, and brand tagline.The irony of all these changes is that it’s a chore to complete, which is the very reason why I want to complete it lol So, be patient with me. Don’t be alarmed if a link isn’t working, or you see some weird text where it shouldn’t be. It's a work in progress.

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