Friday Night Affirmations


Writing an affirmation is fairly simple. You want to start with a little self-reflection and introspective thinking. Explore what isn’t working in your life… so that you can affirm how you want things to be instead.

Scrolling on Twitter this past week, I came across a blog post about creating affirmations. Though I know how to write affirmations, and y’all know I live by them the title alone intrigued me so I read it and I’m glad I did.You can check the post out for yourself but the author, Tiffany, talks about the importance of words and affirmations and gives affirmation prompts to get you started. I’m currently sitting on my bedroom floor and I had the urge to write so why not fill in some affirmations for myself.

I am whole. Complete. Lacking nothing.

I am thankful for an awesome network of friends. Seriously, I’ve been reflecting on this all week and I even drafted a general open letter to post on the blog to all of my wonderful friends, both past, and present.

I attract love. Love in the purest form. No complications, no confusion, just love.

I forgive myself. I put up with a lot of shit in my past that occasionally finds its way to haunt me. But, I forgive me and I learn from it.

I am open to shifts. Life changes always cause some anxiety. Sometimes I let fear take over and cause me to push against these shifts or avoid the. But I’m open and ready.

I can get past it.

I release my insecurities. Easier said than done because it’s a continuous fight not to let them win. So I release them.

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