Happiness vs. Joy


I read a post on Instagram from a college friend, Riane, that really sparked my interest. In the post, Riane explained the difference between happiness and joy and why she appears to be happy all the time. Seriously, in the years that I've known Riane, I can only remember seeing her visibly upset once or twice. Check out her post below.

“Riane, you’re always so happy.”

I hear this all the time, sometimes as a question because they want to know why.

I’m not just happy, I have Joy. Happiness is based on external circumstances, but Joy comes from Jesus. I know who and whose I am and I know in the end I win and I’m glad about it. Happiness is wanting what you have. (Let that sink in.) I’m grateful for my portion now, while still expecting great things to come.

Forreal, forreal I’m not always happy. I experience the full range of emotions, ask my mom and bestie, but I always have Joy.

Follow Riane on Instagram where you can find similar inspirational posts like the one above.If you are someone who may not be religious or believe in Jesus, the message is still applicable. Joy is a feeling of consistent pleasure overall. Yes, we have down times and we aren't happy all the time. But, when you have joy, even if those rough times, you remember that you're okay and that ill-feelings are temporary.Not sure how to get to a place of having joy?

Read more about finding it here.

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