I Guess I'm A Writer


writer (n) - a person who has written a particular text.

I never considered myself a writer.

Even after publishing my first post, and even still after publishing over 80 pieces of writings. I still never considered myself a writer.

I felt that was reserved for the folks who live and breathe this. Who wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is write.

Those who go to bed dreaming of the words they will so beautifully put together on paper. The people who one day have dreams of making it to best-seller lists and winning accolades for their work.

I guess I shied away from it to relieve the self-imposed pressure. To excuse the typos, grammatical errors, and excessive run-ons.

But as I lay here unable to sleep, the only thing I can think to do is write.

To type my thoughts in this document and hit save, only to publish it for lovers and strangers alike.

The feeling of excitement that I get when Iā€™m finally able to put my thoughts someplace other than my head and hit that publish button is unmatched.

I guess I am a writer.

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