I Hate Valentine's Day


I really dislike Valentine's Day, and not for the common reasons people hate the day. Even when I was in a relationship I still hated the “holiday.” Most people don’t even know the TRUE origins of the day and yet it holds so much weight. And while I would love to give a history lesson, Google is still free. LOL

My reason for hating Valentine’s Day is because of how the season and the actual day affects others. Love is in the air, literally everywhere. As soon as the Christmas decorations leave the stores, they’re replaced by candy, cards, and love animals in preparation for the big day. For many, single women, in particular, it's a day that brings about heightened feelings of loneliness, sadness, depression, and bitterness because of the lack of a "Valentine".

This one day of the year has the power to enhance these negative feelings.  It’s like an official reminder that for another year, they’re single and without someone to express their love for. I'm not judging or bashing anyone who this applies too, but this fact has made me loathe this day.

The anti-Vday memes have already started and they’ll be even more prevalent once the day actually gets here. The jokes, self-loathing, and conversations about not having anyone to celebrate with are everywhere. Though not how it originated, V-day is a day where most show love for their significant other through gifts and special date nights. And in our current culture of social media, there will be a plethora of posts highlighting gifts and couples.

If this day is hard for you, take yourself out, go out with a friend, do something nice for a child, family member, or elderly person. Take a break from social media that day if you know that will add to the sadness. Take the initiative to make the day special for yourself if you have no one else to do so. This year I'll be attending a Galentine's even with from women from work.

Although I hate V-day, I still accept gifts. So if you got me one, don’t take it back just yet. LOL

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