I Want to Cry Right Now

June 18, 2019 6:12 pm

I want to cry right now and I have absolutely no reason why.

My day went okay, I felt better physically than I did yesterday, and I don’t really have any complaints right now.

But I want to cry. 

I want to snuggle up to my fluffy pillow, let the tears flow as they may and then go to sleep until tomorrow.

But that’s not possible because I have spin class in 18 minutes. Which means I should probably leave in like five minutes. I don’t have the mental energy to power through class today but I’ll give it all that have. Who knows? It may make me feel a little bit better.

It’s going to start raining soon. According to Alexa it’s going to start in the next five minutes. I don’t want to walk to class in the rain because it will probably be like a dramatic scene in a movie where the main character is at their wit’s end and starts bawling in the pouring rain.

I’m so dramtic.

But it’s now 6:15 so If I’m going to class I better get my ass up now because I will probably take my sweet ole time walking there.

It’s now 7:33..

..and class did NOT make me feel any better. In fact, I struggled through the whole thing and got a whopping 9.4 miles. To average 12-13 miles a class and then get 9.4 TUH!


But I did my burpees. Ten of them bitches.

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Every now and then I like to share actual pieces from my journal or brain dumps from my Google Drive. This one was written on an extremely emotionally taxing day. I came across is going through my drafts in my drive and since I’ve consistently felt the exact OPPOSITE of this lately, I decided to share.