I'm Not Perfect


I’ve had this drafted since February of this year and haven’t posted it because I didn’t know which direction I wanted to take it. Also, that damn F word again, fear. Fear of how it would be received or perceived, fear of putting even more of myself out there. But as always, fuck fear. So, I figured this would be the perfect start to my Real Talk series.

Perfection is so, hmm..

Joking or not, so many people have told me they want to be like me. Or they've expressed envy because they perceive me and my life as perfect. As much as I wish it were, that’s not the case. I hate that I’ve been perceived that way. I try to keep my posts on social media positive because I was a Negative Nancy for so much of my life and in doing that, some people think I’m just peachy all the time. They see my many travels, cute photoshoots, and big smile and think my life's made haha.

Most people’s life on social media is their highlight reel. Being so in tuned with other people’s lives has many wanting to portray their life as something it isn’t: perfect. Rarely do you see people posting about the overdraft that just happened a day ago. The job that just let them go. The fight they just had with their significant other. Or the third crying fit they just finished this week and it’s only Tuesday. I’m not saying this is what NEEDS to be on social media, by no means do I want to see a timeline full of bad news. But it’s just something to keep in mind before proclaiming someone else as #goals or wishing you had their life. In these past couple of weeks alone I think I’ve experienced every emotion possible. I’ve had at least four different crying fits. I’ve removed several people from my life (one actually removed me, maybe I’ll blog about that one day because it’s actually pretty freaking hilarious). Stressed tf out. Exhausted. And, as always, emotional. But if you glanced at my timelines that wouldn’t be your first impression.

Don’t get me wrong, my life’s is great and I’m pretty freaking awesome but, I’m not perfect dammit. LOL

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