Ladies, Stop Being Afraid of Weights


“..but I don’t want to bulk up.” I can’t count the number of times a woman has told me that she wants to lose weight but doesn’t want to weight train for fear of bulking up or “looking like a man.” I promise you, my dear, you won’t. The women you see bulking up are more than likely doing it to compete and are on strict workout regimens and diets to achieve that physique. When I was doing nothing but cardio I was losing weight but hating the shape that my body was becoming. I was losing my curves and I didn’t have a butt (yes I had to build mine by weight training). It wasn’t until I added weight training to my routine that I began to achieve the goal body that I wanted, curves and all.

Benefits of weight training:

Body Fat Reduction

Weight training helps your body burn more calories which will result in fat loss. While cardio is a great way to lose fat, strength training allows your body to tone up as you lean out. You will also notice your metabolism will SKYROCKET. So while you may be eating everything (healthy) and feel you are always hungry, your body is constantly needing fuel to burn as you become stronger.

Increase in Strength

This goes without saying but weight training allows you to become stronger, without looking like a bodybuilder. Building and strengthening your muscles allow you to be able to push yourself harder during your workouts.

Increase In Stamina

Strength training improves your athletic ability. This means that you are able to workout for longer periods of time or push yourself a bit harder with each workout. You will notice your runs lasting longer, sprinting a little faster, and hitting a little harder. Whatever your sport of choice, you will perform much better while feeling less tired.

Reduction In Joint Pain and Risk of Injury

When your muscles are imbalanced, it’s easier to become injured during activity. Strength training strengthens your muscles and tendons, reducing the risk of injury and often reducing joint pain. If you have chronic joint pain from a previous injury or arthritis, definitely consult your doctor/physical therapist before starting a weight training regimen. An added bonus is posture improvement, noticing you aren’t slouching as much.The benefits are endless really. A healthier heart, healthier bones, a boosts in energy and flexibility. Really, try it and see for yourself...So you’ve tried weight training but you aren’t noticing much of a difference on the scale and are becoming discouraged?Do you feel better? Are your clothes fitting looser? Do you find yourself performing better? Then it is definitely working and you are definitely losing weight. Ever heard someone say “muscle weighs more than fat?” That’s not true. One pound of anything is one pound. What they should say is that muscle is more dense than fat. This means that muscle mass takes up less room, giving you a smaller appearance. Think about that “5lbs of muscle vs 5lbs of fat” picture. So while you notice your belly, face, arms, legs, and face become noticeably smaller and more toned, the scale may not reflect this change.Are you ready to start weight training now? Check out my fitness IG page and the hashtag #ashvaughnworkouts for some great strength training routines.

Now get that weight up, sis.

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