Mental Health Advocacy: There's Space For Us All


“Mental health advocacy is becoming synonymous with being a motivational speaker. I'm concerned the mental health world is gonna kick all of us depressed, mentally ill people out for those who "overcame" their illness.”

Some time ago I read this tweet from a fellow mental health blogger that really had me lost in my thoughts. I actually drafted this the night I saw the tweet but I couldn't get my thoughts centered enough around it to really write about it.It had me so lost in thought because:

  1. There’s absolutely enough space for us all.

  2. I wondered if I was one of the people who had contributed to that feeling.

While I still struggle every now and then, I definitely know that I am one of those who have overcome and can sometimes have a "motivational speaker" tone in my postings. Though there is nothing wrong with that, I never want to feel like I'm contributing to someone else feeling ostracized from this amazing community.

We Need You

This cause is so important that there's space for everyone's voice no matter where they are in their fight. Those of us who feel like they have overcome their illness. Those of us still struggling to keep it together day to day. Those of us wrestling with diagnosis and treatment. Mental health advocacy is necessary at all stages.Advocacy is simply defined as “public support for a specific cause.” Support for mental health doesn’t just include the healed. It is inclusive of the healed, the struggling, the undiagnosed, the unbothered, the unsure.. everyone can lend a hand in making this cause less a taboo and more of a norm.So if you’re an advocate, for any cause, and you find yourself feeling excluded from the conversation, I’m here to remind you that somebody needs your voice, your story, your account just where you are.

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