Morning Musings - July 22nd

In an effort to create a morning routine, and actually sticking to it, I’m trying out a few things to keep myself consistent. One of my new morning activities after my commute is Morning Musings.

musing - (n) a period of reflection or thought

I came up with a list of general refection questions to decompress from my commute but also get my brain pumping for the day. Occasionally, I’ll share those musings here on the blog with you.

How I’m Feeling:

This morning I’m a bit anxious. Later today I have my first visit with my psychiatrist’s office and I’m a bit nervous about how it’s going to go. Not sure what to expect. Physically, I have a slight headache but I’m thankful it’s not a migraine.

What I’m Doing:

Waiting on my client laptop to finish updating so that I can do work on ti. It’s been updating since I got in this morning and still going strong about two hours later.

What I’m Vibing To:

On my way in this morning I listened to the Lemonade album though I haven’t been listening to music as much as I normally do.

What I’m Thinking About:

Honestly, what I’m going to eat because I’m hungry. (it was a can of Pringles) Also thinking about getting back on my fasting schedule since I fell off last week and this weekend. Which I’m not beating myself up about.

What’s Challenging Me:

Getting myself back on track and away from using food as a coping mechanism. I haven’t been feeling the best physically and emotionally lately and I’ve been using food as therapy.

What I’m Looking Forward To:

Visiting Trece, Ash, and the babies this week in Houston! #AuntieAshleigh’sCountryTour lol

Affirmation For Today:

I will take the necessary steps for my healing, even when those steps are hard to take.

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