Morning Musings - July 31st

Today I woke up wildly optimistic, grateful, and feeling better than I have been in months. I wanna cry cause I’m so happy. I also woke up with a huge sense of gratitude for my support system. One thing that I am never short on is support. From family and friends to coworkers and perfect strangers. Through every major hiccup or transition I’ve gone through lately, I’ve not once felt a lack of support from those around me and I’m extremely grateful.

How I’m Feeling:

G R E A T. I’m pretty sure it’s the antidepressants that I am adjusting to but this morning was the first time in a LONG time that I can honestly say “I feel great.” Not just “good” or “okay” or “bleh”.. but GREAT! Fan-fucking-tastic.

I feel like I’m floating and I’ve had a smile on my face all morning. I also got a good night’s sleep.

What I’m Doing:

Trying to get my hot spot to connect on my work laptop.

What I’m Vibing To:

I’ve been on a Jhene Aiko kick this week. Specifically having W.A.Y.S. on repeat.

What I’m Thinking About:

How good I feel today. And the fact that tomorrow is August.

What’s Challenging Me:

Wondering what I’m going to write to share in my Words That Move workshop tonight.

What I’m Looking Forward To:

My family coming to visit at the end of next month.

Affirmation For Today:

I am deserving of every good thing I receive.

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