My Love For Christmas


This year I set out to complete my very first Blogmas.

"Um, what's that?"

Blogmas, or Vlogmas, is when content creators like myself with blogs or vlogs post on their sites every day in December starting on the first and leading up until Christmas. I didn't want to set myself up for failure by committing to the whole month so I decided to do just 12 Days of Blogmas. I asked for topic suggestions from friends and followers and received some pretty good topics.

First up: Where did your love of Christmas come from?

I get excited every year when the weather starts to drop and the leaves start to fall because I know Holiday Season is around the corner. Some say I celebrate too early, some think I’m a little too extra and a tad bit annoying. But you know what? I don’t give a damn LOL

I love everything Christmas. I honestly cannot pinpoint the exact moment in time that my extreme love of the holidays began but it’s always been my favorite time of year. Maybe it’s the beautiful bright lights everywhere, or the cheesy holiday romance movies that play endlessly. It could also be the Christmas carols played on loop everywhere, or the giant Christmas trees. My siblings used to jokingly call me Joan from Girlfriends because my excitement for holidays is only matched by her.

With the loss of my Grandmother in 2016, the last two holiday seasons weren't the best for me mentally and my excitement wasn’t as grand as usual, but that’s expected while grieving someone who has always been a monumental figure in your life. My family’s holidays haven’t been the same but I hold all the memories of Christmas’ past with her near and dear to my heart.

Speaking of memories, check back tomorrow for some of my favorite holiday memories!

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