My Weight Loss Journey

At my heaviest, I was 213 pounds, pre-diabetic, on the road to having high blood pressure and having frequent asthma attacks all because of my weight and lack of exercise. I did a lot of complaining about my weight without putting much effort into changing. During my first semester of college, I gained 30+ pounds and it definitely showed. Being overweight contributed significantly to my overall unhappiness, low self-esteem, and bad health and it was always in the back of my mind that something had to change. Coming into college a size 12 and quickly becoming a size 16 was a hard pill to swallow but I knew it was nobody’s fault but my own. I refused to buy more new clothes because I was 1. A broke college student and 2. Not accepting that I would continue to be a size 16 so my second semester I circulated two pairs of jeans, sweats, and sundresses.  


When I first started...

Fast forward to the summer after my freshmen year, I hadn’t started actively trying to lose weight but I would go swimming with my sister a few times a week and this lead me to lose my first 13 pounds, weighing an even 200. I didn’t think it was a big deal until coming back for my sophomore year and people began to congratulate me on my weight loss. Huh? You noticed?!? That gave me the motivation to actively try to change my habits and lose more weight. I walked more, took the steps versus the elevator, and joined a few activities that required me to get up and move!In the summer of 2012, I decided to vigorously work towards losing weight and began eating healthier. I had an internship in New Jersey where I knew no one and didn’t have a car. This meant I didn't have much of a choice. One major factor that helped a lot was that my roommates were all athletic. One ran track in high school, the other was a fitness instructor, and another was a Lacrosse player. I don’t remember how we started but we began doing Insanity. I could really feel it paying off from only doing it three times a week. When I wasn’t doing Insanity I was working out in the gym. I eventually added running to my routine. In that summer alone I went from 200 to 166.


Fast forward to now, 2016, I’m still on my journey but my focus is overall health & fitness as opposed to just trying to lose weight. The hardest part of weight loss is the maintenance. Losing the weight is the easiest part. Keeping it off and continuing on with the good habits that take the most work. It takes constant work and dedication to get the results you want and getting on the road to optimal health.So how do I get started? Glad you asked! Check out my post How To Get Started On Your Weight Loss Journey. In the meantime, I share pretty much everything I do, health & fitness wise on my Instagram @ashvaugh.getsfit.

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