Only The Good Things: Overcoming Negative Thoughts


Whenever I’m listening to “Eternal Sunshine” by Jhene Aiko, it puts me in a somewhat reflective mood. I mean, the song repeats “I can only recall all of the good things..” Which is a pretty good mindset to have, but if I’m being completely honest (as I always am on this here blog of mine), I overthink A LOT. Whenever I’m overthinking, it is definitely not “only the good things.” No, it’s a bunch of worst-case-scenario-life-ending-the apocalypse-starts-tomorrow bullshit. This post started as a journal entry while on my flight to Dallas this morning and I decided to make it a blog post. There’s no real direction here, I’m just writing.

Sometimes the worst place you can be at any given point in time is your own damn head.

I saw that quote somewhere without the “damn” part and it stuck with me. Seriously, when we, or I since I’m speaking for myself, think too much about things it can start with thought A and before you realize it thought Z has you in the corner of your room sobbing about your inevitable demise that soon comes. I’m being a bit dramatic, but it’s true. It’s kind of hard for me to get out of the black hole that is my brain sometimes when I’ve begun to think too much about something.

“Well, what if I had said _?”

“Or, what if I had done _ instead?”

“Remember that time you _, so embarrassing?!”

"Can I REALLY do this?"Do I actually deserve this?"

And so on, and so forth..So how do you combat overthinking? I have yet to figure that out. BUT, I do have a semi-remedy [Read: kinda works sometimes, kinda doesn’t] is to:

  1. Light a candle.

  2. Turn off the lights.

  3. Play the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify, or any other music that relaxes you.

  4. Say out loud and/or write down each negative thought you have.

  5. Say out loud and/or write a positive thought that counters the negative one.

(bonus points if you do this while in a hot bubble bath with some essential oils and a bath bomb)

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