Real Talk: A Series


* April 22, 2019 Edit * I decided to do away with the “series”. It’s now just a regular category of my blog, click the “Real Talk” tab to view more!

Truth is, as transparent and honest as my writing has been on this blog, I’ve been holding back. There are a number of reasons I’ve steered away from certain topics or watered down some of my posts. The number one reason was fear. Oh, that pesky little fear demon. It’s a bitch, isn’t it? I feared telling too much, letting strangers and loved ones in too much, I feared hurting others with my truth, and I feared damaging people’s perception of me.

Not anymore...

I mean, there are still some things that will be off-limits, I’m not spilling anyone’s deep dark secrets but my own. This isn’t all about “spilling the tea” but healing myself through my own words. With my most recent post about my breakup, my views were in the thousands. I haven’t hit those number since my semi-viral posts on self-love and weight loss. With that fact and the feedback I received, publically and privately, I realized that my mission to inspire can also be fulfilled just by having real talk.With that in mind, I decided to add another topic to my blog. The Real Talk Series. I don’t have a set number of posts, they won’t always be planned, but whenever you see “Real Talk” in a title, you know what to expect. Me being open and honest, real and raw, and not just me informing you to protect your mental health or to work out. LOL I guess it will be my public journal. Sometimes knowing you’re not alone in what you’ve gone through or are currently going through, aides in your healing. It’s helpful to know that you aren’t just crazy and that at least of few others know how you feel.The positive feedback I receive about my blog makes it just that much easier to bare my soul to y’all. So sit back and enjoy the ride, at my expense of course. LOL Feel free to let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to hear from me. With each addition to the series, I'll add a link down below.

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  3. Real Talk: It's Not Your Fault He Cheated

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  5. Real Talk: To The Woman Who Feels She'll Die Alone

  6. Real Talk: I Hate Valentine's Day

  7. Real Talk: Recurring Thoughts

  8. Real Talk: Shopping For Bras

  9. Real Talk: I Still Struggle

  10. Real Talk: I Cry On Dates

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