So, About That Wellness Retreat?


Back in February I posted about planning a Black Girl Magic Wellness Retreat (still working on that name). Small scale, less than 30 women, all getting together to relax, release, and heal. Simply put, a glorified sleep-over rather than a formal retreat. We’d be surrounded by other black women who were just tired from life sometimes and needed a safe space to get away for awhile. No judgement. Listening ears. And good vibes.

Based on the survey results of those interested, I was planning to have the retreat here in Maryland in the fall of this year. Well, fall is less than a month away. Here’s a quick update for those who’ve either asked for one or wondered about it:

It’s happening, but not this year.

SO much has happened in my life between February and now, and I’ve spent most of the year feeling both mentally and physically ill. I am now on track to getting both together and feeling about 76.59% better than I have felt all year. With feeling so low for an extended amount of time, the last thing on my mind was planning this but it WILL happen. I have no projected timeline but I’m hoping to have it next year because it’s SO needed.

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