Spring Cleaning Isn't Just For Your Home, I’m Decluttering My Whole Life

My biggest headache recently has been decluttering my space, packing it up, and moving into a new place. I’ve gotten rid of TONS of stuff from clothing to shoes to furniture. About 11 Hefty bags later, I had finally finished going through my things and finished donating what I was not keeping. A few days ago I came across a piece of clothing that was supposed to be a beautiful gift, but turned out to be daunting trigger for some pretty rough times in my life. I kept thinking about every painful memory of that time and it put me in such a bad head space.

This lead me to realize that I had both physical and mental baggage still in need of purging before a “move” into the next chapter of my life.

Spring cleaning, moving, or just straightening your room can be a much deeper experience if you are in a place for it. - ashley sharie

Sometimes the decluttering process goes beyond just your physical space. Many aspects of our lives that can benefit from a good sprucing up. Now that I’m almost done with my physical mess, I’m working to declutter, clean, and allow space for healing and good health in my life overall.

Social Media

Most of us spend a lot of time switching between multiple apps, scrolling down several timelines. We consume so much on a daily basis just from these apps alone. Taking this month off of social media has done wonders for clearing my mind.

Take this time to unfollow pages and people that no longer serve a purpose. If they don’t motivate, encourage, inspire, or uplift you.. Unfollow. Delete. Block.


Some of us are holding on to fruitless relationships and friendships for dear life. And for what purpose? At one time, these people may have been the light of your world, your best friend, your lover. But that time has past and for whatever reason, the relationship isn’t the same anymore.

These people may not be toxic but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you either. Sometimes “rough patches” aren’t temporary and someone needs to be the one to say “okay, this is needed.” If it’s draining you and the goods times stopped outweighing the bad a long time ago, it may be time to cut the string or fall back.


It’s never too late to take control of your finances, decide you want to do something different, and get on the path to financial freedom. With higher savings goals, upcoming big purchases, and a desire to be consumer-debt free soon—I have been making changes to my spending and saving habits but I have a loooong way to go lol


If you haven’t been to the doctor all year, or maybe even the year before that, now’s a good time to make that appointment. In the past month, I’ve been on the search for a new Primary Care, Therapist, AND Psychiatrist to get both my body and my mind right. And I know I’ll be better for it.

What are some areas in your life that could use sprucing up?

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