Things I Hope For You In 2018


In exactly three weeks 2017 will be officially over and 2018 will begin. Wow. I feel like just yesterday I was reflecting on how tough 2016 was and all that it taught me. As I was sitting and trying to write out a similar list of lessons for 2017, all I could think about was what I’d HOPE for 2018 to bring. I wanted to say that this year was tough also, but I couldn’t bring myself to harp on about the reasons why. So instead, here’s a list of things I hope for you and me in 2018.

  • More good days than bad.

  • Thousands of random good thoughts throughout your day that make you smile.

  • A love so good you know that it was ordained by a higher source.

  • Moments where you are reminded of why you were placed on this planet.

  • The amicable end of toxic friendships and the beautiful beginning of new ones.

  • Random acts of kindness that restore your faith in humanity.

  • Opportunities that stretch you for the better.

  • Chances to relax, release, and regroup.

  • An uninterrupted appreciation for life.

  • The release of any harbored anger or resentment.

  • An end to any self-doubt or self-loathing that is preventing you from being your best self.

  • Receiving everything you deserve, no longer settling for “just enough”.

  • Permission to be unapologetically you.

  • Any healing you’ve been patiently waiting to receive.

  • Contentment in times of uncertainty.

  • And lastly, all the H A P P I N E S S you can stand, and THEN some.

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