6 Things To Remember When Trying To Lose Weight


Wouldn’t it be nice if once you got back into the groove of your fitness routine that the weight just melted off instantly?

Like “okay, I’ve been consistently in spin class 3x a week for a month now, can 30lbs just fall off tonight?

I’ve been trying, and in my mind failing at, getting back into the groove of my workout routine and losing weight. I put on over 30lbs since last year and I’m more than ready for them to vanish back to the pits of hell from whence they came.

During this time I’ve realized a few things that may help you if this is your story too, mostly preaching to myself though.

Setting realistic goals is a must.

It didn’t take a week to put on all the weight, and it definitely won’t take a week of working out to drop it. You can’t decide to start a fad diet next week and then beat yourself up for cheating on day 3.

Be real and don’t cheat yourself. Set your expectations based on where you are now and not where you want to be.

If you’re currently not going to the gym at all, don’t have a goal of going every day for the next month. You set yourself up for failure, and then the subsequent disappointment by not being realistic.

Slow progress is still progress.

you don’t have to quit if you fall off.

The disappointment of cheating or falling off the wagon can be a huge blow. Big enough to make you give up all-together. Don’t.

Start again, and again, and again until it becomes a habit to pick up where you left off.

Ask for help.

Especially for those like me who’ve lost weight before and may feel too embarrassed about asking for help. Knowledge is power but APPLIED knowledge is even more powerful. You may know what to do, but asking “how” could be that extra push you need to get back on track.

It’s not enough to know that you should eat right and exercise. It’s okay to ask how you should exercises, what you should be eating, and how to change factor in sustainable changes.

Hire a trainer, a nutrition specialist, a friend for accountability, the help is there.

Buy clothes that fit.

This one is especially for me.

It’s okay to have “goal” clothes or that one dress that makes you look and feel damn good that you can’t wait to be able to wear again. But if you’ve been packing on an extra 30lb for months now, your wardrobe shouldn’t consist of only pieces you were able to fit in before the weight gain.

I’m not telling you to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of the size you currently are, but better-fitting clothes help you to feel better about yourself in the meantime. While you’re working on losing weight, buy a few staple pieces, they can even be cheap pieces that are comfortable and most-importantly, your current size.

your value hasn’t decreased.

We sometimes forget to continue to love ourselves in the interim while we figure out how to get back to where we want to be. No change that your body goes through, warranted or not, decreases your value or makes you less-deserving of your own love.

You can start anytime.

You don’t have to wait until Monday, or until after summer, or even the new year. If you decide today that you want to start the journey of losing weight, you can do so.

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