Things We Should Release in 2019


Happy New Year!

First thing’s first, I totally bombed Blogmas lol I actually have two pieces that I didn’t post that are actually finished. So I guess more content for January, eh? Anywho, here’s to another new year.I love the end of the year and the beginning of a new one because it is a time of both reflection and planning. Reflecting on how the year went, good or bad, and planning for the upcoming year. Each year I try to do one or two new year-focused posts.  In 2016 after a REALLY tough year, I wrote about the lessons it taught me. In 2017, I wrote about what I hoped for you and me in 2018. This year, I’m writing a list of things I want for you and me to release in 2019.

Unreciprocated love.

Let’s stop begging for the love we desire and deserve from those close to us.


Man, this one can be a post all by itself. Simply put, I want us to stop getting in our own way.


Showing up for everyone but ourselves.

Pretty self-explanatory. Take care of yourself first. I got MUCH better at this last year and will continue to improve.

Exhausting friendships.

You know, the ones you pour and pour and pour into until you’re completely depleted. Your energy drained. Cut it.

The ideas of where we SHOULD be at this point in time.

I know I know, I “should” be about twenty pounds lighter right now. I “should” have about $$$ more dollars in the bank. I “should” be.. *aht aht* Create your own timeline. Set some realistic goals and work from there.

Obligatory actions.

I mean yes, keep your word and fulfill any obligations you’ve agreed to or accepted. But when I say to release obligatory actions I mean doing and saying things because you feel obligated because of a certain relationship to someone or heightened sense of loyalty. Also remember "No." is a complete sentence.


Bad habits that no longer serve us.

Listen, Ashleigh, scarfing down two donuts in a matter of five minutes isn’t serving you or helping you so STOP IT.

Anyone in your life that YOU don’t have good intentions for.

Oooh. Yep. You read that right. Don’t string anyone alone, friend or partner, who you don’t have good intentions for. Don’t keep them around solely for your benefit or to have them there “just in case” release them so that they too can protect their peace this year.

A fiya mixtape.

Lol. I kid, I kid. Unless you want to.


Here’s to a prosperous and peaceful 2019!

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