Why I'm "Unplugging" For 30 Days


I’ve been wrestling with the idea of spending a whole month off of social media and on this last day of Mental Health Awareness Month, I felt it appropriate to talk about my upcoming month of “unplugging.”

Back in February, I was on the phone with a good friend of mine and I was talking about not being in a good place mentally and I just got the inkling to delete my social apps. Not that they were contributing to how I felt in that moment, they were, however, an unhealthy distraction and allowing me not to focus on feeling better. That lasted all of like a week, maybe, and I was right back on.



So, in an effort to REALLY focus on my mental and physical health, I decided that June will be the month. During this time I’ll be focusing on a few other things besides checking my timelines.

In June I Will Be..

  1. Starting therapy and hopefully schedule and evaluation to begin medication treatment

  2. Finishing books I’ve started

  3. Working out 4x a week

  4. Completing the 1000 words a day challenge (From mid-Jun until July)

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any anxiety associated with not being plugged in for a whole month.

What current events will I miss? How will people outside of my subscribers see that I have a new blog post? What big events or alerts will I miss out on?

But, it’s necessary. Life will not end by not being glued to my phone all day everyday lol I’m just dramatic.

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