What’s Going On With Me Currently


My last blog post was almost exactly one month ago and a friend casually reminded me that blogging makes me happy and that I should focus on it more so I decided to give a casual update on what’s been going on with me.

Blog Updates

I’m making some changes to my blog to make it less of a chore to maintain. If I feel like something is a chore, it’s no longer fun and I definitely don’t want that to be the case with my blog. It’s my own safe space, my baby, and I want to enjoy it. I’ll be going more in depth of the changes in another post.


Life happens. I’m currently in the process of identifying areas in my life that aren’t contributing to my happiness. Sorting through what I can and can’t change. And making those changes accordingly. This goes back to self-care not always being warm and fuzzy.


The grief that came along with the death of my great-grandmother was far different from the grief of the loss of my grandmother. I was very close to them both and they were monumental figures in my life. The absence of their presence has left a void that I’m not sure how to even go about living without but I know that’s apart of the grieving process and I take solace in the thought they are both together forever watching over me.Overall, it’s another “blah” time in my life where I’m not completely in the pits of a depressive episode, but I’m also not my happiest.

But I’m here, and I’m working through it.

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