Your Diet Is Causing Your Dreadful Cycle


Now I’m no doctor but I’ve recently become a believer that what we eat daily has an effect on our diet. Whether it’s a good or bad effect, depends on your body. My periods used to be DREADFUL. Like nauseated all the time, unable to move on my first day, cramps that made my whole body ache and emotions on a thousand. My cycle is still no walk in the park but it has become so much better now that my diet is better.

I’m aware that there are certain medical conditions that can negatively affect our periods and plenty of other factors BUT our diet does play a major role and I wasn't a believer until now. My menstrual cramps used to come on-and-off for the entire week before my period and then the entire week of my period. That’s two weeks of menstrual cramps. Can you imagine? I’m getting weak just thinking about how bad they used to be. My cycle was long, heavy, and I literally would feel like I was dying for a week and a half.

After my first round of Whole30 (read all about that here), and after no longer putting excessive amounts of processed food and junk in my system my cycle got better. I noticed that my period went from five heavy days til about three heavy days and two lighter ones. Now after my second round of Whole30, my cycle is about four days longs with only one being really heavy and three lighter days.

Now, my cramps are still vicious but they only last for two days instead of two weeks. My mood swings aren’t as drastic. The nausea that would accompany my cycle now only comes on the first day, and maybe a bit on the second.

To wrap this up, if you have terrible periods and no medical condition causing them, check your diet sis.

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